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How is your credit report? Is it accurate?
Is it being monitored to ensure ongoing accuracy?

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Did you know...

  • 1 Your credit score impacts how much you pay for rent, mortgage, car, utilities, cell phone, insurance and more?
  • 2 Your credit score can prevent you from owning or renting a home, getting a credit card or a car?
  • 3 Your credit score could keep you from getting the job you want? (47% of employers run credit checks on prospective employees).
  • 4 Like it or not… It’s a REALITY… You are judged by your credit score.
  • 5 Your financial life is impacted by a number... impact the number, impact your life!
  • 6 CREDITpro works on your behalf to dispute and remove inaccurate and unverifiable items from creditors, collection companies, credit bureaus and courthouses.
  • 7 Maximize Your Credit Score! Our easy, paperless (100% online), result-proven credit management system will help you remove any inaccurate, erroneous and obsolete information in your credit file to ensure your credit report is accurate and upto-date.

For your information…

Over 100 million Americans have poor credit, and most do not understand the credit reporting system. A recent study showed that 79% of all credit reports contain errors.

We have an automated, done-for-you credit score repair product that was developed by financial experts with a combined 40 years’ experience. We represent an organization that became a public company in April 2017 after receiving an A+ rating by the BBB in 2015.

We believe in complete transparency, so people can make a well-informed decision which we feel will contribute to building a long-term business relationship.

A subscription cost $199.99 to set everything up, followed by a monthly payment of $99. You can cancel your monthly subscription whenever you want, no questions asked. But be aware your credit score can change at any time.

It's Time To Take Action And Get This Credit Management System Working For You By Following The Simple 10 Steps Below:

  • (1) Make sure you’ve watched the above 4-minute video.
  • (4) To Register - Simple sign up process. Set up your account using basic information. This information will appear when disputing and is safely stored inside your account.
  • (5) Credit Report - Generate your report. Access your 3-bureau credit report so that our system can automatically find all the negative items that are hurting your three credit scores.
  • (6) Disputing - Single click disputing. Automatically dispute erroneous, outdated and unverifiable information from your credit report and send it to the credit bureaus.
  • (7) Updating - Keep track of your progress. That's it! Just wait for the responses from Equifax, TransUnion and Experian to update your disputes in your credit management system. Credit can be overwhelming, but CREDITpro makes it simple!
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  • (10) If you require more information complete the contact form below and we will get back to you.

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